LightLine offer a comprehensive service for lining and finishing your 16mm or G scale locomotive. Choose from a wide range of liveries, either prototypical or 'might have been'.

Have a look at how others have had their locos lined out before taking the plunge. It's a big decision which you're going to live with for a long time, so take your time.

As well as the examples shown on this website I have dozens of photos you can browse through at leisure. Whatever Livery you choose, the end result will be one you can be proud of and which brings your locomotive to life!

All Prices are effective from March 2019.

Probably the largest independent guide to 16mm locomotives anywhere in the world in our 'Search By Manufacturer' section!

Now with well over 1,000 photographs!!

The most-frequently asked of all FAQs: “How long does the lining last?"

Well, the top photo was taken at the York M.E.S September Open Day a few years ago.  The lining on the locos was all carried out by Lightline, the earliest in about 1999.  Can you tell which one?  No, and neither can I.  My own Meths-fired Roundhouse Pooter ‘Galadriel’ (bottom) was lined in 1987 and still looks good after 30+ years of hard service.  So whichever scheme you choose, be really sure you like it, because it’ll be a long time before it needs renewing!


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